The Dirty Smelly King

Completed Quests

Completed Quests
-Scalps 400gp per 6 scalps (we have 8)
-800 gp for dealing with Kobolds have arrived from Sword Lords
-1,000 gp for Tattselworm head
-Falgrin Sneed’s head – we get two masterwork weapons.
-Jhod hears of the temple we found. He plans to remain at Oleg’s, but will always provide us free spellcasting. He is open to heading to the Stag Lord fort, and he will take Akiva to the temple and then they will travel to the Stag Lord’s complex as we desire.
-Stag Lord defeat and head travels north to Brevoy. 5k gold.

Now there is a regular courier once a day to Olek’s cabin.

A new charter arrives, giving the party the right to rule as we please!

We level up to Lvl 4, and each have 6k gp to spend before next session.



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