The Dirty Smelly King

It begins - 5/11/12

First session

The party introduces themselves:

Mazy, the halfling paladin who escaped a slaver raid on his town and is on a mission of revenge.
Ban’Ur, the half-orc monk who has struggled to surpress his orc side to fit in, studying self-control as a monk and taking this mission to prove himself as a patriot to the humans back home.
*, the half-orc druid who rejected his early town rearing for the woods – a true neutral loner who found a tribe of orcs once and moved in with them – learning the way of the bear.
Dorial, the Ranger who grew up in Brevory and hated it – wanted to get away from civilization and be in his element.

The party approaches and outpost that appears to be an old fort. The gate is open, and a woman is working in the courtyard. The lady is excited to see us, and says “you must’ve gotten the letters we sent to Restov requesting aid.” “You’ve got the wrong crew.”

She explains that they sent word for help because the bandits have been attacking the fort. They have the girl’s wedding ring, which they will pay 1,000 gp for it. We also want to collect moonradishes for her, which she will pay 250gp for in gold or gear.

Name of leader: Mistress Cressel, but really the Stag Lord
Location: 2 days walk S/SW
Number of bandits: A dozen more at the camp
Has silver amulet with stag’s head and human face, which we take.

We tell the living bandit that if he shows us their camp, he lives; if he doesn’t, he dies.

We notice several wanted posters in the storeroom:
1) Wanted: Bandits. The bandits in the greenbelt need to be sent a message; defeat six bandits to complete the quest – 400 gp sent to Olec’s one week after proof
2) Wanted: Photo of a humanoid/dragon face: The suit-scaled kobolds have been riled up: either form an alliance of peace or slay them. 800 gp reward to settle them down.
3) Wanted: Lizard/Dragon face: Tattselworm: Rare but dangerous. Olec wants a head to mount on his wall, 600 gp for a relatively in-tact head.
4) Wanted: Tusk-Gutter: very dangerous wild boar which has high intelligence; trapper it hurt has offered a master-work longbow and lifetime supply of animal-bane arrows to the one who kills it.

We rest briefly, then travel south and encounter a moonradish patch guarded by kobolds. After showing them some gold and silver, we trade the cash for enough moonradishes for the stew (ultimately a 250 gp reward coming our way).



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