The Dirty Smelly King

Session 10-13

The party begins to head down the trap door stairs. Two people are arguing – one (Doven) is a loyal LT. of the Stag Lord, and the other is arguing they desert. Doven has had enough, and starts to say “don’t turn your back on me.” And a blade is drawn.

We rush into the room and attack Doven, attempting to protect Akiros (the other man). The Stag Lord shoots Akiros as his grand entry. An epic battle ensues, ending with the Stag Lord being healed by an unseen figure. The Stag Lord yells “father, let me die!” After we kill the Stag Lord an old man appears from the rear of the complex, and says “I can’t believe you’ve taken him from me!” – then slits his own throat and dies.

Akiros reveals that his past was as a paladin of Aristil, until he had an affair with a nobleman’s wife. When discovered, the nobleman’s wife accused him of rape – he killed both of them in a rage and retreated to the Stolen Lands. He looks down at his Stag Lord necklace and rips it off. Then he explains that he rose easily through the ranks of the gang and became a top Lt. of the Stag Lord. But lately, the Stag Lord had been getting visions from a nymph-like woman in his dreams. She had told the Stag Lord to set up camp in this area of the Stolen Lands and great glory would be his. The man who appeared out of the ceiling was indeed the Stag Lord’s father. Aristil was surprised that the father healed him at all – since it was his beatings of the SL as a boy which made him evil to begin with.

The party loots the compound, rests, and then heads back to Oleg’s cabin.

Loot we find:
-Two potions of cure lights winds
-One potion lessor restoration
-Masterwork studded leather armor
-1 Rapier
-Three silver daggers
-Two potions of cure moderate wounds
2 Leather armor
-masterwork longsword
-+2 Composite Longbow
-Amulet of natural armor +1
-Enchanted Stag Lord helmet (enhances eyesight and hearing +2 each; once per day can enhance ranged attack with “insightful shot” as a free action = next ranged attack w/in 30 ft is flatfooted; worshiper of aristil may use that power unlimited times per day.
-Pelts, furs, iron, bronze, etc – worth 5k gold
-Chest with 5k gold in it
-Bag of jewels worth 2.5k gold
-Two horses and a cart are upstairs

Brevoy monarchy is heredetary. Rosland contests the Brevoy monarch’s right to rule. The southern sword lords are who hired us. Brevoy’s highest point is Mt. Veshaka in the south as well.

We head back to the broken bridge crossing, and throw the Stag Lord’s headless body in. Devik appears, snatches the body, and then disappears – his +1 Ranseur floats ashore.

The party goes to see Bokin, the hermit in the NE. He’s not unlike a tweaky meth addict, jumpy. We have the fangberries he craves! He gives us 2 potions of minor healing, and promises 50% off any we want to buy going forward. He mentions his brother is a hermit down south, living in a hollow tree.



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