The Dirty Smelly King

Session 5/24/12

The party begins in the forest at night, just following the kobold encounter.

The band retakes their horses and push through the night toward the bandit camp. Hearing a low whistle from Happ, Mazy slits his throat – worried it is a warning to his fellow bandits. At that moment, the half-orcs detect large beasts moving in the distance, and stop the houses. The creatures are forest trolls; a terrifying pack of large creatures beyond our still as warriors. Likely that Happ was trying to alert the party to these beasts – but he’s way to dead to clarify.

The party shakes the trolls by retreating to the north on horseback, then doubles back and returns towards the nest of bandits we’re pursuing. Giving some berth to the area we encountered the trolls, we head back in the direction Happs was leading.

As we approach the area where we think the camp might be, we dismount and stash the horses, attempting to get near the camp in stealth. We attack the bandits and are victorious. Keeping one prisoner alive who begged for his life, we get some information about some mites that stole their goods, potentially including the wedding ring we are seeking. We loot the camp, load the weapons/armor we can on the horses and rest up. We also make a cache in the ground of some valuable furs we discovered for later retrieval. We take the prisoner, who leads us in the direction to the Sycamore tree where the mites are located.

Heading east we again encounter the trolls, but notice them in time to steer clear. As we are going through the two day journey, the prisoner reveals some details about the sycamore tree and the nest of mites is underneath.

Mazy must stop the druid from scalping the prisoner before we let him loose, and is successful doing so. He heads into the woods, and we head for the tree. The base of the tree has a small hole leading to the mite caverns. The space is small, allowing easy passage for small creatures but potentially impeding us. Our druid clears the dirt to allow the medium characters access inside.

After a brief battle in the second chamber of the caves- we kill and scatter some mites, saving a kobold. He mutters in broken common “Thank you,” before passing out.



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