The Dirty Smelly King

Session 5/28/12

Action begins again in the Mite tunnels below the tree. The kobold we save explains that the Mites have been sending war parties to their home, and they’ve recently stolen an important holy artifact. The kobolds have been trying to get it back. He confirms that the mite battles and this theft are what have kobolds riled up. He promises treasure if we can return the symbol-a small gold statue (square platform) with a circular object atop it – then a horn coming out of the square.

We free the kobold from his manacles, and he tries to get comfortable and rest, while we go onward.

Heading into the next passage, the party encounters a deep cavern. Swinging across first, Ban’Ur falls into the pit and lands atop a Whip-Tale Centipede and grapples it instinctively. The party isn’t outnumbering the Centipede for long, as six mites and a seventh riding a giant tick-beast enter the fray. During the battle, Ban’Ur becomes diseased with a mystery disease from the tick.

After victory in battle, we move across the cavernous pit and discover a room with a small table and a map. There is a blood-stained statue on the table matching the description from the kobold, and a sack of treasure including a number of rings.

There is a paper on the column, with two labels: US and THEM. The US column says “kobold statue, coins, spears.” The THEM column said “magic dust, lots of coins, shiny human lady’s ring.”



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