The Dirty Smelly King

Session 6-16-12

*GM changed the spell book two level 1 spells.

Play resumes at the treasure tree. We realize that we’ve got a slightly updated charter we got back from Restoff. In addition to exploring and ridding the land of banditry, we are specifically charged with removing the Stag Lord from power – dead or alive. Reward is 10k gp. Word of the Stag Lord’s defeat must be sent to Restoff; if a body is not present, a sword lord will come to verify. In addition the the 10k gp, there is a third charter which will give us colonial rights to settle the land and we will have the right to rule the land.

We approach the Shrike River, where a thick sagging rope is hanging. A sign post reads “Nettles Crossing, 5 coppers, ring bell for service.” We see a bell nearby, next to the remnants of an old cabin (burnt down) and a the former bridge. The water is running high and fast; we ring the bell. Down the river, what looks to be an undead creature arises and it is standing on top of the water.

He calls out “you are not my tormentor; throw the Stag Lord into the water or join me.” We ask what the Stag Lord has done to him, and he responds “he is the one who is the cause of my troubles, and he torments me.” We explain that we also seek the Stag Lord, and he beckons us to cross the river, which we do.

We camp for the night, then head to the area our map identifies as the kobold lair. As we approach, we notice a cage at the entrance – and inside is a mite. Out pops Mick Mack “I knew you would come. There is a great reward for you, and you need to meet our chief.”

He asks us to follow his tracks exactly, as there are traps set. As our druid creates some torches, Mick Mack is astounded and excited, mentioning that the chief will be most excited.

As we go deeper into the caves, we see that they’ve smeared blood and charcoal on the walls, depicting a reptillian warrior- sharp tooth- and he mentions that Tartuk does sacrifices here – their wizard. We are led to Chief Suitscale. We inquire of the ring, which he says would be with Tartuk. The chief says “please, I beg of you – before we go may I have the statue.” He takes a knee, to the shock of those soldiers in the room. We grant his request to give him the statue- which he smashes on the ground yelling “Death to Tartuk” – and they charge from the room. We are swept up in the excitement, as well, and go charging after them. Mick Mack yells out “death to the outsider, death to Tartuk.”

We kill Tartuk, and the kobolds rejoice. We go over to Tartuk’s stash, and pick up some key items. One item of note: a plain brass wedding ring.

Speaking with Chief Suitscale, he agrees to give us a sign of the new peace with the kobolds – a piece of quartz in which he has etched their symbol. The druid breaks the quartz in half, returning it as a symbol of the alliance.

Amongst other things, we get a journal from Tartuk. In it, we piece together that Tartuk was actually a gnome who was killed in a fight with some ogres. After his sacrifice, he was reincarnated as a kobold, which the gnomes hated. The village threw him out, and he likewise hated them – in fact, he was trying to surrender to the ogres as was crushed. This is the third of fourth tribe he’s been with, causing each of the tribes to sacrifice many of their members, after which he moves on. A scroll of “fly” is also in the journal, and he wrote that he was going to use it to kill himself.

The party rests, then travels to the where the rivers join together. Right now the water is high, but the druid is able to see that the water will be down in a couple of weeks.

During our rest that night, we are attacked by two werewolves. Then we find a river crossing with a rickety bridge. Exploring the next hex, we locate a deep crevice in the ground, and down at the bottom is a 30-ft radius cave. We notice some sparkling rocks embedded in the walls, and camp for a while to determine what it is. It turns out that the substance is gold. We leave a trap in the mine, then head back to Oleg’s.

We arrive at the outpost, Kestin and Johad both approach us. Kestin asks if he have seen anything from Falgrim Sneed, and Johad asks if we’ve seen the temple. Sveltlana gives us some food, and asks us about our travels. We let her know that we’ve pacified the kobolds.

There is a new bounty board notice: “Fang Berries wanted,” witten in a crazy scrawl, “Boken is willing to pay his finest healing potions to anyone who will bring him a bushel of fang berries.”

We give Oleg the ring, and he gives us 1k gp. He explains that Boken lives a day’s march east of the fort – he makes great potions but he is a bit crazy. We send a messenger to let the north know about the pacified kobolds.



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