The Dirty Smelly King

Session 6-23

Action begins in Oleks fort. The party heads due west. In the first hex, we discover nothing but plains leading to forest; this hex likely needs to be checked again.

In the next hex SW, he are followed by some small creatures in the woods, but aren’t able to identify them. The party camps for the night, and encounters a number of the Stag Lord’s minions.

We ask the remaining bandit if he knows Falgrim Sneed, and he says that the man is Lt. for the Stag Lord and their base. We bring out the map, and demand he show us the location -he indicates the location a week south. Mazy offs the last bandit, and the party loots the bandits. As we are looting, two fey reveal themselves and welcome us warmly. They thought we were here to ruin the land, but our opposition to the bandits has earned their trust. They offer us assistance, including the location of a camp of bandits (the one we already cleared), and she mentions the temple is located to the SW. She also points out the location of their nest in the hex we are in (which we hadn’t been able to locate on our own). She also warns us that there is a trapper’s former traps to the north – although he has been killed by the fey. Also, she let’s us know that a day’s ride west of the temple are some wonderful hot springs – but some large nasty frogs have taken over the area. The fey would be very grateful if we could take back that spot. She also tells us the south of the temple is the tuskgutter, and we should find tattlesworm along the skunk river from the frog pond.

After finishing the night’s rest, the party moves out to look for the temple. We find a 300wx100h rock with an elk face carved in it. There is a large oval pool in the clearing, its waters thick with algae. A magical bear charges out and attacks us. Upon killing it, the bear turns to a very old man, who sighs with relief, then turns to a skeleton. The sun seems to brighten, and the pool becomes cristal clear. The temple is in disrepair, but the aura around it seems brighter and better now.

Traveling a bit, we encounter the tuskgutter and his sow, killing them both and enjoying a nice pig roast. Then we head straight west to continue exploring. We come upon some broken-down shelters. Inside one is a half-man, half-frog – inside the other is a fanged frog. The fanged frog attacks the party, and once we attack the frog, the frog man loses his mind and attacks us. After killing the frog, we subdue the frog man. He explains that he was exiled by his tribe, and moved here to get away. We apologize for killing his pet, and release him back to his house.

Then we ask if we can repay him by avenging him at the tribe which exiled him. He explains that his tribe is in the hook-toungue slaw, and he attempted to become the new priest king and failed miserably. He says he left that life behind, and moved here with his (sob) best friend. We leave him to his grief.

Action ends in this now-explored hex.



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