The Dirty Smelly King

Session 6-9-12

We open under the sycamore tree, having just fought a major battle.
Moving into the next room, we find a cluttered room with a tunnel leading up. We encounter 6 mites and 3 centipedes in the next room (a room with eggs that appears to be a hatchery).

Fighting through that room, we set fires in the egg clusters and head back to the kobold we had freed early in the caves (Mickmack). He explains that their home is a day’s ride to the SE, and draws us a map. He also explains that we will be welcomed as kings if we show up, having fought the mites and freed him. *We also have the statue they want returned.

The party makes camp nearby, and has an encounter during the night with some wolves.

After completing our rest, we ride hard back to Oleg’s outpost to sell and resupply. There is someone there named Keston Garris, sitting with four other human soldiers. Sveltlana explains that he was sent down from Brevoy – this is the group that they mistook us for originally. We sense that the name is familiar – some type of minor scandal comes to mind. Keston is quiet, but he did mention wanting to speak with us this evening.

There is also someone Jhod Kavken in the fort; he is a traveling cleric/hunter/trapper. He heard of the exploration charter and came to the fort to offer his help. Jhod would also like to speak with us. Jhod shares the same deity as Mazzy.

We speak with Jhod, who reveals he has felt a leading to come to this area. He says that he’s heard rumors of lost temples of Aristil in this region, and asks for us to look for markings of Aristil around. One temple in particular was once great; he has heard rumor that there is a strange guardian. The location is somewhere to the SW. He indicates that Aristil has given him a vision of the temple, and that restoring it is a priority. Jhod says that if we restore the temple, he will help us with his spells the rest of his days.

Mazzy and Ban’Ur approach Keston, who appears grumpy. He mentions Falgrim Sneeg had worked with him as a mercenary, and then Falgrim robbed the group and then fled to the green belt to become a bandit. Keston has hoped to find Falgrim himself when he landed this assignment, but thinks we will have a better chance of finding him. If we bring him back alive we can get 4 masterwork weapons, dead he is worth two masterwork weapons. We are given a poster with a sketch of him.

We sell a great deal of our stuff to Oleg, including the radishes and various weapons. We collect the 400gp for killing 6 bandits, as well.

We hear that a day and a half’s ride straight east, crazy old Boken lives. He’s a hermit very good with potions.

We order a handy haversack, to be delivered in about a week. Oleg also gives us a locked section of his storage room where we can stash stuff.

After a night’s rest, Jhod manages to cure Ban’Ur. Then the party is off to explore the hex to the SE.

While we are traveling, we notice a large amount of animal bones scattered around the area. It is clear that something lives in the area and has been hunting. We encounter it – a trap door spider. Heading into the lair, we find a body with a silver stag lord amulet, and in his boot is a drawing of a dead tree in the shape of a claw, with an “x” in blood on the roots – the tree is on an otherwise barren hill.

We move SE again. The territory is flat, but we see an old lightning struck oak tree in the distance. We see the tree from the map off in the distance. We find a hallow in the roots, corresponding with the map we found. We detect magic in the area. Digging into the roots, we find a heavy leather cloak, a masterwork dagger, a wand of burning hands, a ring of protection, and a spell book with 4 spells in it (our choice). *GM needs to edit



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