The Dirty Smelly King

Session 8-16-12

Characters Level to 3
Action begins at the Frog Man’s hex.

We explore the next hex to the SW, and encounter two Tattlesworms – a male and a female. We take their heads in the handy haversack, and loot their nest (a damn of the river), and find:

Masterwork cold iron longsword
Leather backpack
+2 scale mail
150 gp
Jade carving of a female nude elven monk
Watertight scroll tube -containing a partially completed map of the NW area
-Marked on the map is an X and a skull above it

Then we head to the east and explore the next hex (nothing there). We continue east and discover a fangberry patch. The thorny bushes hamper speed. We encounter six swarms of spiders, but after defeating them we are able to harvest some fangberries.



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