The Dirty Smelly King

Session 9-22-12

Resting after the fangberry encounter; we decide to head straight at the Stag Lord.

Approaching the fortress, we encounter three bands of four zombies each.

Heading to the rear of the fortress in stealth, the party discovers a sunken area in the ground. Dorial heads back to the front gate to create a distraction while the other party members head through a trap door and subsequent tunnel. The distraction allows the other party members to get in position and flank. Then Dorial throws alchemist fire as a signal, and scales the gate with ease. After a brief fight, the party slays the guards – including a giant named “Ox” and Falgrim Sneed (the bandit we’ve been seeking).

Continuing through the fort, there is an ambush including an owl bear, which the party handles. But one member of the attacking party escapes into a chest with a false bottom. Action pauses with the party about to charge down there.

Note: one of the attackers has surrendered and is alive and unarmed in the fort with us.



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