The Dirty Smelly King

Completed Quests

Completed Quests
-Scalps 400gp per 6 scalps (we have 8)
-800 gp for dealing with Kobolds have arrived from Sword Lords
-1,000 gp for Tattselworm head
-Falgrin Sneed’s head – we get two masterwork weapons.
-Jhod hears of the temple we found. He plans to remain at Oleg’s, but will always provide us free spellcasting. He is open to heading to the Stag Lord fort, and he will take Akiva to the temple and then they will travel to the Stag Lord’s complex as we desire.
-Stag Lord defeat and head travels north to Brevoy. 5k gold.

Now there is a regular courier once a day to Olek’s cabin.

A new charter arrives, giving the party the right to rule as we please!

We level up to Lvl 4, and each have 6k gp to spend before next session.

Session 10-13

The party begins to head down the trap door stairs. Two people are arguing – one (Doven) is a loyal LT. of the Stag Lord, and the other is arguing they desert. Doven has had enough, and starts to say “don’t turn your back on me.” And a blade is drawn.

We rush into the room and attack Doven, attempting to protect Akiros (the other man). The Stag Lord shoots Akiros as his grand entry. An epic battle ensues, ending with the Stag Lord being healed by an unseen figure. The Stag Lord yells “father, let me die!” After we kill the Stag Lord an old man appears from the rear of the complex, and says “I can’t believe you’ve taken him from me!” – then slits his own throat and dies.

Akiros reveals that his past was as a paladin of Aristil, until he had an affair with a nobleman’s wife. When discovered, the nobleman’s wife accused him of rape – he killed both of them in a rage and retreated to the Stolen Lands. He looks down at his Stag Lord necklace and rips it off. Then he explains that he rose easily through the ranks of the gang and became a top Lt. of the Stag Lord. But lately, the Stag Lord had been getting visions from a nymph-like woman in his dreams. She had told the Stag Lord to set up camp in this area of the Stolen Lands and great glory would be his. The man who appeared out of the ceiling was indeed the Stag Lord’s father. Aristil was surprised that the father healed him at all – since it was his beatings of the SL as a boy which made him evil to begin with.

The party loots the compound, rests, and then heads back to Oleg’s cabin.

Loot we find:
-Two potions of cure lights winds
-One potion lessor restoration
-Masterwork studded leather armor
-1 Rapier
-Three silver daggers
-Two potions of cure moderate wounds
2 Leather armor
-masterwork longsword
-+2 Composite Longbow
-Amulet of natural armor +1
-Enchanted Stag Lord helmet (enhances eyesight and hearing +2 each; once per day can enhance ranged attack with “insightful shot” as a free action = next ranged attack w/in 30 ft is flatfooted; worshiper of aristil may use that power unlimited times per day.
-Pelts, furs, iron, bronze, etc – worth 5k gold
-Chest with 5k gold in it
-Bag of jewels worth 2.5k gold
-Two horses and a cart are upstairs

Brevoy monarchy is heredetary. Rosland contests the Brevoy monarch’s right to rule. The southern sword lords are who hired us. Brevoy’s highest point is Mt. Veshaka in the south as well.

We head back to the broken bridge crossing, and throw the Stag Lord’s headless body in. Devik appears, snatches the body, and then disappears – his +1 Ranseur floats ashore.

The party goes to see Bokin, the hermit in the NE. He’s not unlike a tweaky meth addict, jumpy. We have the fangberries he craves! He gives us 2 potions of minor healing, and promises 50% off any we want to buy going forward. He mentions his brother is a hermit down south, living in a hollow tree.

Session 9-22-12

Resting after the fangberry encounter; we decide to head straight at the Stag Lord.

Approaching the fortress, we encounter three bands of four zombies each.

Heading to the rear of the fortress in stealth, the party discovers a sunken area in the ground. Dorial heads back to the front gate to create a distraction while the other party members head through a trap door and subsequent tunnel. The distraction allows the other party members to get in position and flank. Then Dorial throws alchemist fire as a signal, and scales the gate with ease. After a brief fight, the party slays the guards – including a giant named “Ox” and Falgrim Sneed (the bandit we’ve been seeking).

Continuing through the fort, there is an ambush including an owl bear, which the party handles. But one member of the attacking party escapes into a chest with a false bottom. Action pauses with the party about to charge down there.

Note: one of the attackers has surrendered and is alive and unarmed in the fort with us.

Session 8-16-12

Characters Level to 3
Action begins at the Frog Man’s hex.

We explore the next hex to the SW, and encounter two Tattlesworms – a male and a female. We take their heads in the handy haversack, and loot their nest (a damn of the river), and find:

Masterwork cold iron longsword
Leather backpack
+2 scale mail
150 gp
Jade carving of a female nude elven monk
Watertight scroll tube -containing a partially completed map of the NW area
-Marked on the map is an X and a skull above it

Then we head to the east and explore the next hex (nothing there). We continue east and discover a fangberry patch. The thorny bushes hamper speed. We encounter six swarms of spiders, but after defeating them we are able to harvest some fangberries.

Session 6-23

Action begins in Oleks fort. The party heads due west. In the first hex, we discover nothing but plains leading to forest; this hex likely needs to be checked again.

In the next hex SW, he are followed by some small creatures in the woods, but aren’t able to identify them. The party camps for the night, and encounters a number of the Stag Lord’s minions.

We ask the remaining bandit if he knows Falgrim Sneed, and he says that the man is Lt. for the Stag Lord and their base. We bring out the map, and demand he show us the location -he indicates the location a week south. Mazy offs the last bandit, and the party loots the bandits. As we are looting, two fey reveal themselves and welcome us warmly. They thought we were here to ruin the land, but our opposition to the bandits has earned their trust. They offer us assistance, including the location of a camp of bandits (the one we already cleared), and she mentions the temple is located to the SW. She also points out the location of their nest in the hex we are in (which we hadn’t been able to locate on our own). She also warns us that there is a trapper’s former traps to the north – although he has been killed by the fey. Also, she let’s us know that a day’s ride west of the temple are some wonderful hot springs – but some large nasty frogs have taken over the area. The fey would be very grateful if we could take back that spot. She also tells us the south of the temple is the tuskgutter, and we should find tattlesworm along the skunk river from the frog pond.

After finishing the night’s rest, the party moves out to look for the temple. We find a 300wx100h rock with an elk face carved in it. There is a large oval pool in the clearing, its waters thick with algae. A magical bear charges out and attacks us. Upon killing it, the bear turns to a very old man, who sighs with relief, then turns to a skeleton. The sun seems to brighten, and the pool becomes cristal clear. The temple is in disrepair, but the aura around it seems brighter and better now.

Traveling a bit, we encounter the tuskgutter and his sow, killing them both and enjoying a nice pig roast. Then we head straight west to continue exploring. We come upon some broken-down shelters. Inside one is a half-man, half-frog – inside the other is a fanged frog. The fanged frog attacks the party, and once we attack the frog, the frog man loses his mind and attacks us. After killing the frog, we subdue the frog man. He explains that he was exiled by his tribe, and moved here to get away. We apologize for killing his pet, and release him back to his house.

Then we ask if we can repay him by avenging him at the tribe which exiled him. He explains that his tribe is in the hook-toungue slaw, and he attempted to become the new priest king and failed miserably. He says he left that life behind, and moved here with his (sob) best friend. We leave him to his grief.

Action ends in this now-explored hex.

Session 6-16-12

*GM changed the spell book two level 1 spells.

Play resumes at the treasure tree. We realize that we’ve got a slightly updated charter we got back from Restoff. In addition to exploring and ridding the land of banditry, we are specifically charged with removing the Stag Lord from power – dead or alive. Reward is 10k gp. Word of the Stag Lord’s defeat must be sent to Restoff; if a body is not present, a sword lord will come to verify. In addition the the 10k gp, there is a third charter which will give us colonial rights to settle the land and we will have the right to rule the land.

We approach the Shrike River, where a thick sagging rope is hanging. A sign post reads “Nettles Crossing, 5 coppers, ring bell for service.” We see a bell nearby, next to the remnants of an old cabin (burnt down) and a the former bridge. The water is running high and fast; we ring the bell. Down the river, what looks to be an undead creature arises and it is standing on top of the water.

He calls out “you are not my tormentor; throw the Stag Lord into the water or join me.” We ask what the Stag Lord has done to him, and he responds “he is the one who is the cause of my troubles, and he torments me.” We explain that we also seek the Stag Lord, and he beckons us to cross the river, which we do.

We camp for the night, then head to the area our map identifies as the kobold lair. As we approach, we notice a cage at the entrance – and inside is a mite. Out pops Mick Mack “I knew you would come. There is a great reward for you, and you need to meet our chief.”

He asks us to follow his tracks exactly, as there are traps set. As our druid creates some torches, Mick Mack is astounded and excited, mentioning that the chief will be most excited.

As we go deeper into the caves, we see that they’ve smeared blood and charcoal on the walls, depicting a reptillian warrior- sharp tooth- and he mentions that Tartuk does sacrifices here – their wizard. We are led to Chief Suitscale. We inquire of the ring, which he says would be with Tartuk. The chief says “please, I beg of you – before we go may I have the statue.” He takes a knee, to the shock of those soldiers in the room. We grant his request to give him the statue- which he smashes on the ground yelling “Death to Tartuk” – and they charge from the room. We are swept up in the excitement, as well, and go charging after them. Mick Mack yells out “death to the outsider, death to Tartuk.”

We kill Tartuk, and the kobolds rejoice. We go over to Tartuk’s stash, and pick up some key items. One item of note: a plain brass wedding ring.

Speaking with Chief Suitscale, he agrees to give us a sign of the new peace with the kobolds – a piece of quartz in which he has etched their symbol. The druid breaks the quartz in half, returning it as a symbol of the alliance.

Amongst other things, we get a journal from Tartuk. In it, we piece together that Tartuk was actually a gnome who was killed in a fight with some ogres. After his sacrifice, he was reincarnated as a kobold, which the gnomes hated. The village threw him out, and he likewise hated them – in fact, he was trying to surrender to the ogres as was crushed. This is the third of fourth tribe he’s been with, causing each of the tribes to sacrifice many of their members, after which he moves on. A scroll of “fly” is also in the journal, and he wrote that he was going to use it to kill himself.

The party rests, then travels to the where the rivers join together. Right now the water is high, but the druid is able to see that the water will be down in a couple of weeks.

During our rest that night, we are attacked by two werewolves. Then we find a river crossing with a rickety bridge. Exploring the next hex, we locate a deep crevice in the ground, and down at the bottom is a 30-ft radius cave. We notice some sparkling rocks embedded in the walls, and camp for a while to determine what it is. It turns out that the substance is gold. We leave a trap in the mine, then head back to Oleg’s.

We arrive at the outpost, Kestin and Johad both approach us. Kestin asks if he have seen anything from Falgrim Sneed, and Johad asks if we’ve seen the temple. Sveltlana gives us some food, and asks us about our travels. We let her know that we’ve pacified the kobolds.

There is a new bounty board notice: “Fang Berries wanted,” witten in a crazy scrawl, “Boken is willing to pay his finest healing potions to anyone who will bring him a bushel of fang berries.”

We give Oleg the ring, and he gives us 1k gp. He explains that Boken lives a day’s march east of the fort – he makes great potions but he is a bit crazy. We send a messenger to let the north know about the pacified kobolds.

Session 6-9-12

We open under the sycamore tree, having just fought a major battle.
Moving into the next room, we find a cluttered room with a tunnel leading up. We encounter 6 mites and 3 centipedes in the next room (a room with eggs that appears to be a hatchery).

Fighting through that room, we set fires in the egg clusters and head back to the kobold we had freed early in the caves (Mickmack). He explains that their home is a day’s ride to the SE, and draws us a map. He also explains that we will be welcomed as kings if we show up, having fought the mites and freed him. *We also have the statue they want returned.

The party makes camp nearby, and has an encounter during the night with some wolves.

After completing our rest, we ride hard back to Oleg’s outpost to sell and resupply. There is someone there named Keston Garris, sitting with four other human soldiers. Sveltlana explains that he was sent down from Brevoy – this is the group that they mistook us for originally. We sense that the name is familiar – some type of minor scandal comes to mind. Keston is quiet, but he did mention wanting to speak with us this evening.

There is also someone Jhod Kavken in the fort; he is a traveling cleric/hunter/trapper. He heard of the exploration charter and came to the fort to offer his help. Jhod would also like to speak with us. Jhod shares the same deity as Mazzy.

We speak with Jhod, who reveals he has felt a leading to come to this area. He says that he’s heard rumors of lost temples of Aristil in this region, and asks for us to look for markings of Aristil around. One temple in particular was once great; he has heard rumor that there is a strange guardian. The location is somewhere to the SW. He indicates that Aristil has given him a vision of the temple, and that restoring it is a priority. Jhod says that if we restore the temple, he will help us with his spells the rest of his days.

Mazzy and Ban’Ur approach Keston, who appears grumpy. He mentions Falgrim Sneeg had worked with him as a mercenary, and then Falgrim robbed the group and then fled to the green belt to become a bandit. Keston has hoped to find Falgrim himself when he landed this assignment, but thinks we will have a better chance of finding him. If we bring him back alive we can get 4 masterwork weapons, dead he is worth two masterwork weapons. We are given a poster with a sketch of him.

We sell a great deal of our stuff to Oleg, including the radishes and various weapons. We collect the 400gp for killing 6 bandits, as well.

We hear that a day and a half’s ride straight east, crazy old Boken lives. He’s a hermit very good with potions.

We order a handy haversack, to be delivered in about a week. Oleg also gives us a locked section of his storage room where we can stash stuff.

After a night’s rest, Jhod manages to cure Ban’Ur. Then the party is off to explore the hex to the SE.

While we are traveling, we notice a large amount of animal bones scattered around the area. It is clear that something lives in the area and has been hunting. We encounter it – a trap door spider. Heading into the lair, we find a body with a silver stag lord amulet, and in his boot is a drawing of a dead tree in the shape of a claw, with an “x” in blood on the roots – the tree is on an otherwise barren hill.

We move SE again. The territory is flat, but we see an old lightning struck oak tree in the distance. We see the tree from the map off in the distance. We find a hallow in the roots, corresponding with the map we found. We detect magic in the area. Digging into the roots, we find a heavy leather cloak, a masterwork dagger, a wand of burning hands, a ring of protection, and a spell book with 4 spells in it (our choice). *GM needs to edit

Session 5/28/12

Action begins again in the Mite tunnels below the tree. The kobold we save explains that the Mites have been sending war parties to their home, and they’ve recently stolen an important holy artifact. The kobolds have been trying to get it back. He confirms that the mite battles and this theft are what have kobolds riled up. He promises treasure if we can return the symbol-a small gold statue (square platform) with a circular object atop it – then a horn coming out of the square.

We free the kobold from his manacles, and he tries to get comfortable and rest, while we go onward.

Heading into the next passage, the party encounters a deep cavern. Swinging across first, Ban’Ur falls into the pit and lands atop a Whip-Tale Centipede and grapples it instinctively. The party isn’t outnumbering the Centipede for long, as six mites and a seventh riding a giant tick-beast enter the fray. During the battle, Ban’Ur becomes diseased with a mystery disease from the tick.

After victory in battle, we move across the cavernous pit and discover a room with a small table and a map. There is a blood-stained statue on the table matching the description from the kobold, and a sack of treasure including a number of rings.

There is a paper on the column, with two labels: US and THEM. The US column says “kobold statue, coins, spears.” The THEM column said “magic dust, lots of coins, shiny human lady’s ring.”

Session 5/24/12

The party begins in the forest at night, just following the kobold encounter.

The band retakes their horses and push through the night toward the bandit camp. Hearing a low whistle from Happ, Mazy slits his throat – worried it is a warning to his fellow bandits. At that moment, the half-orcs detect large beasts moving in the distance, and stop the houses. The creatures are forest trolls; a terrifying pack of large creatures beyond our still as warriors. Likely that Happ was trying to alert the party to these beasts – but he’s way to dead to clarify.

The party shakes the trolls by retreating to the north on horseback, then doubles back and returns towards the nest of bandits we’re pursuing. Giving some berth to the area we encountered the trolls, we head back in the direction Happs was leading.

As we approach the area where we think the camp might be, we dismount and stash the horses, attempting to get near the camp in stealth. We attack the bandits and are victorious. Keeping one prisoner alive who begged for his life, we get some information about some mites that stole their goods, potentially including the wedding ring we are seeking. We loot the camp, load the weapons/armor we can on the horses and rest up. We also make a cache in the ground of some valuable furs we discovered for later retrieval. We take the prisoner, who leads us in the direction to the Sycamore tree where the mites are located.

Heading east we again encounter the trolls, but notice them in time to steer clear. As we are going through the two day journey, the prisoner reveals some details about the sycamore tree and the nest of mites is underneath.

Mazy must stop the druid from scalping the prisoner before we let him loose, and is successful doing so. He heads into the woods, and we head for the tree. The base of the tree has a small hole leading to the mite caverns. The space is small, allowing easy passage for small creatures but potentially impeding us. Our druid clears the dirt to allow the medium characters access inside.

After a brief battle in the second chamber of the caves- we kill and scatter some mites, saving a kobold. He mutters in broken common “Thank you,” before passing out.

It begins - 5/11/12

First session

The party introduces themselves:

Mazy, the halfling paladin who escaped a slaver raid on his town and is on a mission of revenge.
Ban’Ur, the half-orc monk who has struggled to surpress his orc side to fit in, studying self-control as a monk and taking this mission to prove himself as a patriot to the humans back home.
*, the half-orc druid who rejected his early town rearing for the woods – a true neutral loner who found a tribe of orcs once and moved in with them – learning the way of the bear.
Dorial, the Ranger who grew up in Brevory and hated it – wanted to get away from civilization and be in his element.

The party approaches and outpost that appears to be an old fort. The gate is open, and a woman is working in the courtyard. The lady is excited to see us, and says “you must’ve gotten the letters we sent to Restov requesting aid.” “You’ve got the wrong crew.”

She explains that they sent word for help because the bandits have been attacking the fort. They have the girl’s wedding ring, which they will pay 1,000 gp for it. We also want to collect moonradishes for her, which she will pay 250gp for in gold or gear.

Name of leader: Mistress Cressel, but really the Stag Lord
Location: 2 days walk S/SW
Number of bandits: A dozen more at the camp
Has silver amulet with stag’s head and human face, which we take.

We tell the living bandit that if he shows us their camp, he lives; if he doesn’t, he dies.

We notice several wanted posters in the storeroom:
1) Wanted: Bandits. The bandits in the greenbelt need to be sent a message; defeat six bandits to complete the quest – 400 gp sent to Olec’s one week after proof
2) Wanted: Photo of a humanoid/dragon face: The suit-scaled kobolds have been riled up: either form an alliance of peace or slay them. 800 gp reward to settle them down.
3) Wanted: Lizard/Dragon face: Tattselworm: Rare but dangerous. Olec wants a head to mount on his wall, 600 gp for a relatively in-tact head.
4) Wanted: Tusk-Gutter: very dangerous wild boar which has high intelligence; trapper it hurt has offered a master-work longbow and lifetime supply of animal-bane arrows to the one who kills it.

We rest briefly, then travel south and encounter a moonradish patch guarded by kobolds. After showing them some gold and silver, we trade the cash for enough moonradishes for the stew (ultimately a 250 gp reward coming our way).


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